COLAGE at Family Week

COLAGE offers daily programming at Family Week for youth ages 7-18 in collaboration with Family Equality, which hosts family and parent programs throughout the week. COLAGE programs are thoughtfully developed for each age group balancing creativity with recreation, providing a safe environment for youth to talk about challenges they face and ways to become more empowered. We focus on community building and work to connect youth to a network of peers that could become lifelong friends and support systems. Please note, COLAGE’s Family Week programming and COLAGEr-only spaces at Family week are ONLY for youth and adults with one or more LGBTQIA+ parent, guardian or primary caregiver.

Registration for COLAGE’s Summer Program Includes:

  • General admission to all Family Week events.

  • Entrance to COLAGE’s morning drop-off program for youth ages 7-18. The daily program is in the morning Monday through Friday and is led by trained volunteer facilitators who also have LGBTQIA+ parents, guardians, and/or caregivers; many of whom have also grown up in COLAGE programs and have developed their leadership skills through participation at Family Week.

  • Entrance to exclusive COLAGEr-only events such as identity based afternoon discussions, teen hangout spaces, and the very popular Friday variety show and youth dance.

  • An exclusive 2020 COLAGE Family Week T-shirt for every youth registrant.

  • Connection to the largest network of youth in LGBTQIA+ families through COLAGE workshops at Family Week. All COLAGE workshops are created by people in LGBTQIA+ families for youth in LGBTQIA+ families.

Apply for a COLAGE summer program scholarship  here.

Apply for a COLAGE summer program scholarship here.

For almost 25 years, Family Equality and COLAGE have worked together to organize Family Week in Provincetown, MA. Through year-round efforts, we work to provide the best possible activities and events for LGBTQIA+ families at Family Week.

COLAGE Mission

COLAGE unites people with lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and/or queer parents into a network of peers and supports them as they nurture and empower each other to be skilled, self-confident, and just leaders in our collective communities.



“COLAGE gives kids that sometimes feel isolated a place to come out of their shells and embrace themselves and be openly proud of their unique family structures.” -Parent of youth participant, 2018.

“If you're looking for your child to have an opportunity to have discussions about social justice and connect with other unique families look no further.” - Parent of youth participant, 2018.

“COLAGE [Family Week Program] is where I feel most at home.” - Youth Participant, 2018.

“Family Week is a place where LGBTQIA+ people can come and feel safe and welcome.” - Youth Participant, 2018.

“COLAGE [Family Week Program] is amazing and accepting.” - Youth participant, 2018

“Worthwhile trek from Florida to spend a week with families like ours.” - Parent of youth participant, 2018.