Family Week COde of Conduct 2019

Our Values

Family Equality and COLAGE affirm all people and celebrate our different and intersecting perspectives and identities including, but not limited to, age, culture, ability status, ethnic origin, sex, gender identity, gender expression, marital status, family composition, serostatus, nationality, race, religion, sexual orientation, socioeconomic status, and citizenship status. We are continually taking steps to become a more supportive and accessible organization that values diversity and incorporates justice and equity into all of our actions and policies. We know that such an effort takes intentionality and feedback and that it is an ongoing process. Thank you for your support. 

Family Equality and COLAGE advance these values under a shared vision: that all LGBTQ+ families and people with a LGBTQ+ parent/caregiver live in communities that recognize, respect, protect, and value them.

Code of Conduct

Family Week is a time when we celebrate, value, and respect the diversity of our community and our families. In the spirit of equity and accessibility for all participants, we ask attendees to commit to the following guiding values:

  • Be respectful of all families attending Family Week and the right to self-identify.

  • Be aware of your potential privileges in different areas and use them to support other attendees.  

  • Ask people of all ages for permission before taking their picture or including them in your video. "Photo- Shy" badges are also available at registration for any attendee who does not wish to have their photo taken.

  • Ask people their name and pronouns and address them as such until they inform you otherwise. If you don’t know a person’s gender pronoun, use their name until you confirm with them. Tip - use gender-neutral language like friends, grown-ups, kiddos, partner, family for all occasions. 

  • Ask for consent to touch other attendees of all ages. This includes, but is not limited to, hugs, high-fives, handshakes, and other forms of physical contact.

  • Listen to transgender and gender non-conforming people’s needs and stories when they are volunteered, but respect privacy and boundaries by avoiding unnecessary questions. 

  • Understand that everyone has a right to use the accommodations that they need without being criticized or questioned. Do not assume someone’s ability status or individual needs. This includes everyone’s right to choose the bathroom they feel most comfortable using with the exception of accessible bathroom stalls. Please refrain from using accessible/larger stalls if you do not have access needs that dictate use so leave space for those with disabilities to use the restroom.

  • Do not pet, offer food to, or interact with service animals such as guide dogs in any way, including questioning their use or purpose. 

  • When speaking to someone using a sign language interpreter, address the person you are speaking with, not the interpreter. If an interpreter is not present, you can use pen and paper or a cell phone to communicate through text to ask the person their preferred method of communication and use it. 

  • Religious identities are valid and personal. Ask for consent prior to inquiring as to someone’s religious identity and practice. Attendees may share about their faith, spirituality, philosophy of life, or choice to refrain from religion as they are comfortable, and so long as they do not proselytize. 

  • Engage one another in dialogue, honor consent and bodily autonomy, and use nonviolent and restorative practices for conflict resolution. 

  • Recognize that the intentions behind your words and actions may not always match up with the impact that these words and actions have. Do your best to course correct and apologize, rather than defend your original intentions.

 What to do if the Code of Conduct is not followed

If you have questions, concerns, or need assistance regarding access, please contact a Family Equality (in orange) or COLAGE staff member (in blue).

If you encounter someone not abiding by the Family Week shared values and code of conduct, please alert a Family Equality or COLAGE staff member. You can also contact Amanda Winn, Chief Program Officer (, John Fernandes, Manager of Family Week (, or Kaley Fry, Director of COLAGE programming ( directly. Together we will discuss the situation and steps to address it.