Family week 101

What activities/events are suitable for the whole family to attend?

The majority of Family Equality Council’s larger-scale events are perfect for the whole family - like the Beach Campfire Night, daily pool time, regional gatherings, the Movie Matinee, the Family Pride Parade and the Family Dance.

What activities/events should I attend with my baby/toddler?

Family Equality Council hosts a Littles' Gathering (Monday to Thursday from 8:30 - 10 am at Bas Relief Park) and this is the perfect event for your baby and/or toddler, typically those ages 4 and under. From a bouncy house to bubbles, games, and special guests, your little one will have a blast. Please note - parents are required to attend the Littles' Gathering with their child. Our youngest family members are also welcome and will have a blast at larger whole-family events like the Movie Matinee, Beach Campfire Night, Family Dance, and gatherings throughout the week.

What activities/events do you have for my child who is 3-7 years old?

This Family Week, registered families will also be able to register youth ages 3 - 7 for additional morning children's programming (optional and some have additional fees). Families have the choice of four different programs with various space availability. Your family must be registered for the full Family Week in order to participate in youth drop-off programming with Family Equality Council!  Information on how to register will be available in spring 2019.

What activities/events do you have for my child who is 7-18 years old?

COLAGE offers a week-long day camp, along with a number of evening activities, for youth 7-18, entering 2nd-12th grade. COLAGE programs are thoughtfully developed for each age group, balancing creativity with recreation; providing a safe environment for participants to talk with other youth about challenges they face and ways to become empowered, all while focusing on connecting your child with a network of peers that will be lifelong friends and support system. Family Equality Council events that older youth will enjoy include the joint Family Equality & COLAGE Family Carnival, Movie Matinee, Family Pride Parade, and Family Dance. The Deadzone Zombie Tag on Sunday and Monday are perfect for older kids and are fundraisers for Family Equality Council and COLAGE.

What activities/events can I attend just as a parent?

There are almost daily events for parents to attend while their children are in programming. Family Equality Council offers daily parent workshop spaces/activities like yoga. There are also several family-friendly gatherings with hor d’oeuvres and adult beverages - the Moms’ Gathering; Dads’ Gathering; Transgender, People with Trans Parents, and Gender Non-Conforming Gathering, and Gathering for People with Disabilities and their Families. Some children’s activities are provided to allow for more parent connecting and fun. Additional affinity gatherings during the week allow for parents to connect with one another as kids are entertained nearby.