Download the new Family Week app!

Family Equality and COLAGE look forward to celebrating 25 years of Family Week with you in Provincetown. To access crucial event information, updates, and scheduling, be sure to download the Family Week app!

To download the app:

  1. Retrieve your unique username and password from your inbox (Subject: “Download the new Family Week app!”). You may need to look in your junk folder.

  2. Download the “Event Portal for Eventbrite” app from the App Store or Google Play.

  3. Make sure to accept notifications.

  4. Enter the Event Code: familyweek

  5. Enter your unique username and password. Note: If you received more than one copy of the email, you may have entered the same email address for other members of your family! Please share the additional username/password details with your family members.

Need help accessing the App?

Email and we’ll help you out!

After you’ve downloaded the app:

  • Full Program allows you to view the Family Week program, take notes, and bookmark your favorite events.

  • Sponsors allows you to view the generous sponsors who are supporting Family Week 2019.

  • News & Alerts provides real-time news, updates, and announcements related to Family Week.

  • Code of Conduct allows you to review our values and the full Family Week code of conduct.

  • Personal QR Code/Badge can be used to scan into sessions and social functions.

  • …And much more!

If you have any questions or issues, please contact Emily McGranachan ( or Kaley Fry (